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IRD Consultancy

Luxury Market Recruitment 

We are not a regular recruitment agency that aims to match CVs to vacancies.

We are seasoned retailers, professional recruiters and award-winning trainers who combine our expertise to search for the best candidates, take their skills to the next level and place them in roles that suit their abilities, characters and career goals.

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At IRD, we believe in unique personal characters, positive workplace cultures and brand-to-individual suitability.

IRD Consultancy

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Your life doesn’t get better by chance; it gets better by CHANGE.

Jim Rohn

IRD Consultancy

“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional,
wait until you hire an amateur.”

What are your biggest frustrations with building your retail teams? 

  • Is it The quality of Candidates your Recruitment Partner Provides?

  • The frustration of Staff leaving within 12 Months? 

  • Is it the ‘Under-Performance’ of some Candidates who may have been ‘Over-Prepared’ by their Recruitment Manager, get the job, and then fail to deliver when they join your Business? 

  • Is it Costs of Recruiting the wrong candidates for your business?

  • Would you like to work with a Strategic Talent Acquisition Partner who addresses all these frustrations?

To find out more, please leave your contact details here.

IRD Consultancy
IRD Consultancy
IRD address these problems and works with Luxury Retailers as a Talent Acquisition Partner, which shares the Pain and Cost of these issues.

Our Promise to our Luxury Partners is

  • We will provide candidates who will give you a competitive advantage in the market-place

  • We will share the cost of people who leave the business pre-maturely and

  • We will provide you with a Talent Acquisition Model, which will reduce your recruitment costs.

We have many more differentiators within our Talent Acquisition Model; for more information, please make contact.


Positions we recruit for

Head Office Positions

Retail managers, Sales managers, Area managers, National account managers, visual merchandisers, buying roles, accounting, PR and Marketing, Brand managers, product managers, HR Roles, Training and development.

Retail Positions

Including Sales executives, team leaders, cashiers, administrators.

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