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IRD Consultancy

International Mystery Shopping

Delivering a domestic in-store customer experience is detrimental to International Business performance.

At IRD, we feel there is an ‘Imperfect Understanding’ in the marketplace of the negative impact of having a poor International Customer Experience.

IRD experts give Retailers an absolute understanding of the effectiveness of their International Customer Experience by only using International Mystery Shoppers from the most important Cultures to their Brand. 


Our International Mystery Shoppers give total Clarity on how it feels to be served in a country with a different culture and what the key areas of improvement the brand needs to make to drive conversion rates, ATVs and Repeat Business.

IRD tests all the International Selling behaviours in store to establish the impact the brand's International Customer Experience has on International Conversion Rates, International Average Spend and the Lifetime Value of the International Shopper.


We allow Brands to see their International Customer Experience.

through the eyes of the International Shopper, highlight the Gaps in the International customer service and then Quantify what we estimate their ‘International Trapped Revenues’ are.


We then present solutions to release the Trapped Revenues caused by a sub-optimal customer experience.

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