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IRD Consultancy

A Unique
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Revenue Generating

At IRD, we are passionate about helping our Luxury Retail Partners grow both their International and Domestic Businesses.

From our Head Office in Regent St -  London, we provide dedicated services to help Luxury Retailers maximise both their International and Domestic revenues.

Our leadership team have been involved in developing and executing some of the most successful sales transformations over the last 20 years.

Using this experience, IRD have developed a range of solutions to address all challenges luxury retailers face today in realising their revenue growth potential.


From light touch interventions to full sales transformation programs, IRD make a real difference in helping Luxury Brands achieve their ambitions.


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IRD Consultancy
IRD Consultancy
IRD Consultancy
IRD Consultancy
luxury retail
Luxury Market Recruitment

We are not a regular recruitment agency that aims to match CVs to vacancies.

We are seasoned retailers, professional recruiters and award-winning trainers who combine our expertise to search for the best candidates, take their skills to the next level and place them in roles that suit their abilities, characters and career goals.

IRD Training Academy

Our award-winning training programmes have been delivered to over 6000 sales and marketing professionals in 17 countries including the USA.

Our International Programs provide our partner brands with tailored ‘Selling Ceremonies’ designed to optimise sales to all the key nationalities including the Chinese, Arabs and Americans.

Our Domestic Luxury Programs focus on embedding behaviours which optimise in-store conversion rates, average spend and also addresses the brands challenge in achieving outstanding levels of repeat business.

sales training
IRD Consultancy
IRD Consultancy
footfall creation
Footfall Generating Campaign

IRDs Footfall Generation programs are designed for any brands worried about not achieving their fair share of International and Domestic footfall.

We specialise in identifying, targeting and attracting International and Domestic shoppers to your store.

We provide valuable data on shopper demographics and behaviours to support your international and domestic revenue growth strategies.

IRD Consultancy
IRD Consultancy
International Mystery Shopping

Our International and Domestic mystery shopping service is a revolutionary tool for the Luxury Retail Industry.

Our Partner Brands receive benchmark reports comparing their in-store customer experience to that of their main competitors providing a level of insight which allows for better decision making.

Our mystery shop reports focus on what’s working well and areas for improvement. We also include a ‘Trapped Revenue’ report which is basically an estimate of the revenue ‘Sacrificed’ due to gaps in the international and domestic customer experience.

Award winning Sales Transformation Programs

IRD won Global Recognition for the ‘Best Results’ of a Sales Transformation Program, which we completed in one of the most prestigious Luxury Department Stores in Europe.


Our Flagship Sales Transformation Program is a comprehensive program designed to release all ‘Trapped Revenues’ caused by gaps in both the retailers' International and Domestic Customer experience.

IRD Consultancy
IRD Consultancy

We are trusted by the world's top luxury fashion and watches and jewellery brands

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